Hidden in plain sight the war on Australian nature – kangaroo, koala, emu … hunted, sold, homeless … where lies truce, healing?

What happened to the globally-beloved kangaroo, koala and other Australian indigenous animals under the beliefs and traditions of colonialism? How did their fate during 200 years of nation building become a fugitive drama of dispossession and disrespect – and what is today’s little known and blood-stained legacy in a world rapidly losing its biodiversity?

Global Warming and Climate Change: what Australia knew and buried

– Then framed a new reality for the public

1988: coming to grips with a terrifying global experiment

The Toronto conference statement made it clear that climate change would affect everyone. It called greenhouse gas atmospheric pollution an ‘uncontrolled, globally pervasive experiment whose ultimate consequences could be second only to nuclear war’. World governments were urged to swiftly develop emission reduction targets (The changing atmosphere: implications for global security, 1988).

Relevant to both Australian and overseas audiences, here is the untold story of how Australia buried its knowledge on climate change science and response options during the 1990s…